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Large trousers, the new trend

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As we know, fashion trends change vary quickly, a good and fitting example are trousers. The return to the fashion stage of bell-bottom and large trousers is not more a secret for the expert of fashion.

In many defilet, narrow trousers, that excelled last year, have been replaced by other: larger and more comfortable. The difference from the past is not only the big-sized, but also the long waist that replaces more familial short ones. So there is a real return to the past.

The dimension of trousers obviously depends on the stylish.
Giorgio Armani, for example, shows us an aggressive and clean line collection. A strong personality and a peculiar design makes it original, witty and fresh.
The unusual style is emphasizes by the big belt or the original material, like nylon. Another peculiarity of Emporio Armani collection are the big pockets that gave a sportive touch at the trousers. giorgio-armanigiorgio-armani2








The collection of Christian Dior  has a more classic style than Armani ones. His collection is classical not only for his dress-length but also for the squared weft.
Contributes to give a classic style also the type of material used, not more innovative like that one of Armani. He uses silk, rich and undying material. Christian Dior so joins the innovation of large trousers with classical elements, and this is the real strength of his collection. cristian-diorcristian-dior2

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