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Alicia Keys in a Gianfranco Ferré dress at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball

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The famous singer Alicia Keys was one of the main celebrities that last night took part at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C.

For this important event the singer wore a Gianfranco Ferré black dress belongings to the 2009 spring/summer collection. The sleeveless dress fits on her perfectly. The full skirt is embellished by satiny details, the bustier is more close fitting than the skirt, this nice difference on size is stressed by the thin black belt. The result was a really beautiful mise.



Jennifer Aniston in Valentino for the premier of Marley & Me

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marley-me3Jennifer Aniston is one of the leading actor of the new film that goes by the book Marley & Me of John Grogan. This cinematographic transposition, directed by David Frankel, has as main characters the funny film actors couplet Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

Jennifer at the premier of this new film in Los Angeles appeared in a little black dress of  Valentino, she was absolutely wonderful. She has always an impeccable style but this time she excels herself, the mini dress fits her perfectly.

The total black dress is vary smart in his simplicity, full of class but without renouncing to a frivolous touch. All the dress is made in satin an undying and smart material and black lace that gave a more youthful style at all the dress. The result is a perfect union of glam and simplicity. aniston-wilson3jennifer-aniston1

Nicole Kidman a golden vision.

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nicolekidmanprada4Nicole Kidman at the “Australia” Madrid premiere wore a gold and metallic minidress that belong to Prada ‘s spring/summer 2009 collection.

The dress is fresh, inventive and extremely up-to-date for the use of the metallic material and obviously also for the colour. Gold is the absolute monarch of these fall-winter collections.

This mini dress enhances the slim figure of Nicole Kidman and her beauty. The mise gave her a more young and lively look. Personally, I don’t like the choice of the shoes too showy for this  dress, that is gaudy  itself.

Jessica Alba wears Dolce&Gabbana

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Yesterday at the Campari Club Red carpet in Milan, Jessica Alba wore a wonderful cocktail dress belonging to Dolce&Gabbana’s spring 2009 collection.

The dress is extremely smart, it has a refined style emphasized by the great value of material: Mikado silk. The elegance of this dress is also traceable as regards the choice of colour, an undying fiery red.

The preciousness of this dress is even better stressed by the big and elaborate belt, that gives a sparkling touch to the dress.The final effect is improved by the choice of red platform shoes and by red accessories.


















Also the famous singer and actress Beyonce Knowles couldn’t resist and for the first of her new film “Cadillac Redords”, she also chose a dress from the spring collection 2009 of Dolce&Gabbana.

She prefers a more close-fitting mise. The red is replaced by a more classical and quieter black. The belt with golden and silver details became the focal point of all the dress.












The result is a sophisticated and really chic mise in both cases.

Prada is covered with laces.

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Lace is a 2008/09 fall-winter protagonist, a real trend at the moment. For ages laces have been the best fiends of woman. Chic, smart, precious material, lace was the sign of aristocratic people. Unfortunately this fabric recently had a tailing-off of interest but things are changed!

Prada, in his collection reproposes the use of lace, not as a simple ornamentation but sometimes as the real protagonist of his defilet. Dresses, skirts, shirts are all made of laces.










The elegance of this type of fabric and its ethereal beauty are emphasize by the use of delicate colours. White, old rose and beige this are the main used colours that recall the beauty and the purity of past style.

The lace on the skin makes an intriguing see-through effect, that render this item of clothing irresistible.


Berlin muse of Versace.

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tim_roeloffs_311 The city, precisely Berlin, is the subject of Versace’s fall-winter collection 2008/09. This collection arise from a collaboration between the artist Tim Roeloffs and Versace fashion house, also tanks to the interest of Donatella Versace in this city.

This co-operation originated a really splendid and fascinating collection, that seems to be a really work of art. Clothes, as paintings, are a real wearing masterpiece.

All the patterns on clothes and bags, have as subject Berlin metropolitan’s landscape. They take their origin by an accurate study of proportion and volume. They show a link between reality and imagination, due to the presence of senseless connection between real place and imaginative figures, likes exotic animals and unsuitable figures and objects.










The three-dimensional scenery is emphasize by light colours like: yellow, electric blue, violet, fuchsia and also by a gloss effect.
All the materials used in this collection are precious, we can find rich fabrics like silk or crocodile for exemple.

A coloured winter

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For ages winter has been synonymous of cold, melancholy and sadness. The rigours of winter has also inevitably influenced clothes and fashion. The result were dark and serious colours that imbue our style of dress, sometimes making it impersonal and strict too.

This year things seem to be changed. Many important designers in fact, have re-introduced gaudy colours and brilliant patterns, that make winter clothes more attractive as the girls that wear them.

Missoni in his collection propose us really coloured, jersey minidresses. Geometrical patterns are the main characteristic of his collection.
Practical,comfortable but also chic this dresses are suitable for all kinds of circumstance.m-missoni-23m-missoni-3








Roberto Cavalli like Missoni, gives many importance in his new fall-winter collection to brilliant colours. He uses lots of fuchsia, pink, green, violet and black as background. The materials are more valuable, silk and chiffon: this are the main employed ones. roberto-cavalliroberto-cavalli-2








Emilio Pucci maybe is the designer that better embodies this necessity of colour and brightness, used as remedy to the dark and sad days of winter.His creations are fresh and witty too, coloured as a Pop picture, bear the good humour also during the most raining days of the year. The eccentricity is their strength.
The turtleneck make this dress both smart and casual-chic, perfect to be worn in all circumstances: at morning with a leather jacket, or as cocktail dress too. This item of clothing for his versatility is really indispensable. emilio-pucciemilio-pucci-2emilio-pucci-3

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