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Iceberg Coats

In Iceberg on October 21, 2010 at 10:24 am

The Iceberg luxury label, released in 1974, is become today one of the most esteemed Italian brands. Its collections offer a various range of sporting and casual items as well as the 2010/11 fall winter collection. Those Iceberg coats, proposed today, will keep you warm with style during the season. The first have a medium length and have cuts similar to a trench coat. The black one seems to be a longer version of a biker jackets while the second is a more elegant option belted on the waist.

Casual coats are also available, like the ones below. The soft cuts and the fur details embellish those fashionable and luxury tailored garments that will make you stand above the crowd.


Iceberg Top

In Iceberg on May 13, 2010 at 1:26 pm

Valentina is a part of Guido Crepax’s comics and she was created in the ‘60s. She is a slim woman with a bewitching face and a black bob, the artist was inspired by  actress of silent movies, Louise Brooks. She represents a modern, free and independent woman. Nowadays, she is still a femininity symbol.

The Iceberg s/s collection 2010 has celebrated that type of woman creating T-shirts and tops with basic colours, where our heroine take her space and make special those items.

The Iceberg Studded Belt

In Iceberg on April 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

The fashionable fashion trend of the hot season is the stud. The small insert is presented in each garment and accessories to conquest every fashion victim all over the world.

 The s/s collections 2010 assume the perky studs to embellished a lot of items.

The Iceberg belt is totally shrouded of round studs. The glam-rock belt is created from elastic band and button-fastening. The studs belt is the perfect item that could perfectly weds with minidress, t-shirt and jeans.

The perfect New Year’s Day bags:

In designers and labels, Gucci, Iceberg, News&Events, styles and trends, Uncategorized on December 19, 2008 at 5:35 pm

It’s almost Christmastime and with holidays is also coming the search of the greatest look for parties. Accessories play the most important role as regards the choice of the most glamorous mise.

As everyone know the right choose of accessories can enhance the beauty of every clothes. Particularly bags, the best friends of all the women, are the indispensable addition that make the difference, so make sure that your bags are as much glamorous as possible.

Fashion suggest us really small models. Cutch bag is the most popular at this moment, small-sized but great as regards the style.

Small, practical, eccentric but above all really chic and up to date the moonling bag of Gucci fall winter 2008/09 collection. It’s realised in a golden material that contributes like also the nice bow to give a more trendy touch at the already glamorous design. This is the perfect bag for an eccentric and youthful dress but at the same time it’s also perfect for a seemingly simple dress. gucci-clutch-bag5













 Another suitable alternative is that one proposed by Iceberg fashion house, smart and cool as the first, this bag maybe has a more simple style than that one given by Gucci. It’s realised in a rolled silver leather, as fashion suggest us, and as if that wasn’t enough its glamour style is emphasized by the python leather effect. iceberg-clutch-bag1












 Both these bags are perfect for the New Year’s Night, so have a happy new bag to everyone.


Star faces for top designers

In designers and labels, Gianni Versace, Iceberg, Roberto Cavalli on April 22, 2008 at 2:24 pm

We all love to see and hear what the celebrities and top designers get up to when they are working and in the time when they are just relaxing and having fun.  And do they know how to draw attention!!!  Now celebs are combined with fashion, beauty and even more fame as these celebrities are now strutting their stuff and creating magic behind the cameras of some of the worlds most well-known photographers to be “the face” of the biggest fashion brands worldwide.  These adverts are not only refreshing and sexy but they also bring new meaning to the word “glamour”.

We have some previews of the celebrities that will be filling the pages of our top magazines as “the new faces” for these top designers.  These photos are really surprising and inspiring, these are some of the photo that really cought our attention, and they are “the faces” for Roberto Cavalli, Iceberg and Versace 

For the face of Roberto Cavalli there is the ever so beautiful Kate Moss that keeps us on the edges of our seats.  She started with the Winter collection of 2007/2008 and now they don’ want to let her go, and we can all see why.  In these pictures she and other top models represent the Spring/Summer collection of 2008 by Roberto Cavalli.


Then there is the beautifyl actris from the O.C, Mischa Barton staring as “the face” for Iceberg for the second season in a row. In theses pictures for the spring/summer collection by Iceberg she portrays the clothes to their full potential, and gives her the “girl next door” look, which are like most of the trends this summer.

And now for “the face” or should I say faces of Versace for the summer of 2008… Gisele Bundchen and Patrick Dempsey.  The summer collection for 2008 by Versace is really extravagant and colourful which is desplayed with excellance on the bronzed skin of this Brazilian beauty. And as for this handsom actor Patrick, well the pictures speak for themselves. This combination will really make the summer of 2008 the most glamorous summer of all. 




Your guide to shop online

In Fashion Online, Shopping Online, strores online on December 3, 2007 at 9:37 am

Shopping is a real passion and owing premier designer clothes or accessories has an irresistible appeal! When buying a designer handbag or a pair of shoes certainly you don’t pick them carelessly! More and more frequently, to buy those Gucci shoes we have seen on a fashion magazine or the very last Prada handbag all the celebrities have already, we go in search of all the web sites selling designer clothes and accessories online.

The online stores are an easy and fast way, for more and more people, to have every new fashion trend within reach. Sometimes they also become the only way of getting our favourite item we haven’t found in our town’s shops. An obvious risk is the one of being ripped of!!

The Internet has plenty of sites selling fashion online. Many of them boast of prestigious international fashion brands, Dior or Fendi handbags, shoes, Armani, Cavalli or Iceberg clothes on sale for unbelievable low prices. And obviously they always turn to be ridicule fakes!!! This blog can be a useful guide for those who shop online. You’ll find a pick of the best web site that sell fashion online. They all are watched and reviewed in detail, so we hope that can help you avoiding any inconvenient and rip-off.

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