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John Galliano at Paris Fashion Week 2011

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Inspirations from the beginning of the century are the allure of the John Galliano spring/summer 2011 collection, in which navy jackets, Nippon influences and starlet gowns are mixed together for an unexpected effect. All the models seem to come from old times, when the fascination for Japan, floral patterns and subtle fabrics were the characteristics of fashion. Beautiful prints adorn silk dresses and trousers, while 20s inspired gowns are shown off for evening original looks. Fine embroideries decorate those John Galliano dresses, while lace ruffles come out short skirts. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting collections presented at the 2011 Paris Fashion Week.

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John Galliano dresses

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Today I would like to talk about this two John Galliano dresses from the S/S 2010 collection. Femininity has been always central to his creations and his sense of class is worldwide acclaimed. A John Galliano dress is an elegant option for your evenings, as the glamour and style are here at the top. Many celebrities choose Galliano for their red carpet appearance such as Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett.

These two models are enriched by sequins that create patterns along the dress. The first one has gold stripes that will make you rise above the crowd during parties, while the Galliano dress on the right has a feather pattern very chic and trendy.

S/S Fashion 2009: Fairy tale inspired dresses

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This spring/summer collection we find magic and romantic dresses on the catwalks. Fairy tale is the theme which seams to have inspired many dresses this year. Models wearing soft and romantic dresses almost looking like mild princesses.

The Giorgio Armani collection’s long glitzy dresses made in pearls and floral printed see trough fabrics, makes the models looking magic and unreal, like innocent soft fairies!




















John Galliano though makes a stronger move, creating wild dresses in strong colors, making the models wearing blond curly wigs, strange enormous hats and heavy make up which gives the Galliano s/s collection an enchanting fairy tale touch! Like these green decorated soft Galliano dresses seen below.



















D&GDolce & Gabbana this s/s collection made as well some incredibly peculiar dresses, which almost seem to derivate from an other world, the land of fairy tales. Almost reminding of a mixture of characters from Alice in wonderland. With these enormous eye-catching dresses.

The long dress in sheer fabric with the gold flounce belt is definitely surrealistic and a perfect fairy tale example. The flower covered one though is more romantic and seems to be taken from a remote princess in some other world far away. Finally this year peculiar fairy tale-like dresses are more than perfect…




The Reese Witherspoon mise

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The trendy and beautiful Reese Witherspoon was photographed wearing as always an impeccable and very cool style.











In this picture she show us a perfect rock-chic-style, she is wearing a pair of dark and close-fitting jeans, they are really up to date as also the glossy-black evening jacket.
The serious effect of the jacket is reduced by the choice of a John Galliano stylized printed t-shirt that gives a more witty touch at all the mise.

The chic final effect is given by the hat, a real trend at the moment, but mostly by the Dr. B bag, the most popular Fay bag among the stars at the moment, like Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and Reese Witherspoon. The bag belonging to the 2008/09 fall-winter Fendi collection is all realized in a black skin material. Its style and its soft lines make it a real unmissable accessory that promise well and I’m sure it will became more and more popular. It’s a real must have!


Prestigious Christmas presents:

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Christmas is coming and in many cases we are still searching the perfect gift to give. Here there are some interesting and glamorous ideas.

John Galliano is famous for his creativity, every season he proposes us very sensual, romantic and passionate fashion collections. Creativeness is the keyword as regards all his collections.

These characteristics are also respected as regards jewels and more specifically the new fall winter 2008/09 collection. This collection has an interesting and elaborate design that is embellished by the number of details and precious materials like gems. Great importance in this collection has the color that gave a more glamorous touch to all this collection.

These jewels are perfect for all the enterprising and fashionable women. This collection is both elegant for the precious materials but at the same time is casual regarding the style, so is suitable for every situation.john-galliano-gioielli13john-galliano-gioielli-ai-200911john-galliano-gioielli-donna17








Another wonderful jewels’ collection is the one of Roberto Cavalli. In his fall winter 2008/09 jewels collection Cavalli shows us the result of the perfect union between modernity and antiquity.

The jewels refer to ancient cultures, in particular those egyptian and roman, for the use of the material, the representation of symbolical animals like snakes and for the use of amulets.

Bright amulets, golden chains, rigid and snake shaped bracelets, colored rings, big and precious gems this are the main characteristics of these eccentric and beautiful collection. roberto-cavalli-jewels1

Christian Dior and John Galliano Haute Couture 2008/09

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The fascination of the past captured by John Galliano for the presentation of the haute couture autumn winter 2008/09. The models wear dresses easily evoking the magic of the 50s stressing out thin wastes and wide gowns for the most nostalgic.
Dior’s attention, in fact, evokes the charme of the theatre, vintage bonnets around perfect faces painted with class, extremely luxurious shoes that look like new sculptures created to divert attention on the ever lasting magic of the stage.

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