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Balenciaga Bags Fall/winter 2010/11 collection

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The popularity of the Balenciaga bags has grown till becoming a real fashion obsession. Such as a woman wearing one of them is instantly recognized as a stylish woman. Celebrities are the first to be enchanted by those glamorous items as many of them have been shot wearing one. Every fashionista dreams owning a Balenciaga bag, and I can understand the constantly growing Balenciaga fever. Those accessories are real masterpieces of craftsmanship. The quality of the leather and its softness are excellent, and the design is extremely fashionable. Many new colour variations are now available in the fall/winter 2010/11 collection, which is also available online.


Balenciaga at Paris Fashion Week 2011

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Patent leather and masculine attitude make the Balenciaga’s collection different from the others presented at the Paris Fashion Week 2011. Nicolas Ghesquière, the creative director of the fashion house, have designed very original creations, proposing a different idea of sensuality. Models come out with boy’s haircuts, flat boots and black outfits brighten up with vivid colours. There are many men’s items, like the shirts, presented in dotted and coloured patterns, made of sheer fabrics. All the collection expresses a real androgynous charm. White on the final pieces of the collection, follows the main trend of the next summer: the total white look.

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The Balenciaga Handbag

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Bag is one of the most important accessories for every woman. it is the woman’s best friend and first of all an inseparable partner that attends every fashionista. The s/s collections 2010 have enriched their creations, so they are became the real must have for woman’s wardrobe.

The Balenciaga handbags  are wearable for every occasion, look and need. The balenciaga spirit transpires through the leather and studs union. Roomy, comfortable and extremely feminine, the Balenciaga city bag are obviously created in leather and enriched by big silver studs. the little mirror is a funny and distinctive mini-accessory that you can find in every bag.

The Balenciaga boom:

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The fashion house Balenciaga is becoming more and more popular among the fashion addicts. Bags are the pride of this Spanish fashion house, thanks to their variety of style they meet with success lots of different people.

There are lots of different bags to suit all tastes, from those more sophisticated, chic belonging to the cherche midi line that are perfect for an evening event, to those more sober evening bags of the Lune line.

By far the most popular bags are those more sportive and simple that belong to the city and work lines. Capacious, comfortable and practical they are perfect for everyday needs, once you tried these wonderful bags you can’t do without them anymore. The neat details like fringes, metallic applications or the metallic clasps in evidence make city and work bags an irresistible accessories. The very good leather material they are made render these begs indestructible. As regard colours there are many possibilities in fact Balenciaga offer a very big variety of dyes: black, brown, red, electric turquoise and pink.










In conclusion, Balenciaga bags are a must have accessories as regards this winter season and we can hardly wait to the new spring/summer collection that I think won’t fall short people’s expectations.

Spring-summer 2009 campaigns:

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The hot season is coming and with her also the new spring-summer collections and also their respective advertising campaigns. Tepid breezes make we think about sun, sea and hot. The consequence is an inevitably change in our clothing style: cloths became more and more lighter, more vivid colors and rich patterns in general these are the main changes. Here there are the most attractive.

The Versace campaign, of witch Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen are testimonials, is as always sober, chic and fresh. The models are immortalized wearing a black or white mini-dress, they seem be ready for a disco part. The choice of the location clashes with the two models mise, they are on the sea, maybe on a ship. The result of this monothematic background is a major focus on the beautiful clothes and accessories.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Belanciaga brand chooses a more unusual and disquieting background. The improbable location is dark and three-dimensional, it seems to be the set of a modern video game also the models, Elsa Sylvan and Hanne Gaby Odiele seem to be surreal characters of a virtual world. Their stern poses, their marked features and the strong style of the clothes and accessories better stress this surreal atmosphere.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Gucci new “Exotic” collection is set in an exotic and foliated jungle. Models seem to be at their leisure, they seem explorers in a virgin forest. They are wearing colorful and practical clothes that are also up-to-date for the color but also for the style, whose simplicity is reduced thanks the use of showy accessories, like for example big belts, golden bracelets and precious python-skin bags.


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Today I am going to take a virtual stroll into the official Balenciaga online store. Balenciaga is a worldwide known name in the world of fashion. For decades it has been worn by celebrities like Nicole Kidman and people who can’t resist to its impeccable style.
BRANDS: Balenciaga

STOCK: handbags, small leather goods, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery. You can opt to shop by colour.

WEBSITE FEATURES: The online shops delivers to the USA only. I found shopping fees too high. It is possible to follow your order status online. On your left hand side you can pick a category up very easily and let yourself indulge into it. For each product there is a detailed slide to check product details: you can chose the following options: front, side, view colours. Prices are in USA dollars. The customer care area is very exhaustive, among all you can find information on gift – wrap and repairs.

RELIABILITY: Balenciaga products are crafted with the highest-quality materials and workmanship. All Balenciaga products are individually controlled for quality by specialized people.

STRENGHT: The online store provides a wide range of products presented with extreme elegance in a pleasant layout. The site is simple to use.

WEAKNESSES: No clothing on sale. The online store delivers to the USA only. Shipping fees are too expensive.

Balenciaga at Rihanna’s feet.

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We already knew Rihanna’s passion for the world of fashion, her look catching the newest trends of the moment.

The beautiful singer dared even more by wearing one of the most enchanting Balenciaga 2008 summer creations: a pair of white and black coloured hand made boots entirely made of small pieces of leather incredibly linked together for a terrific result.

Dedicated to strong women with a strong personality, not afraid of their strength and proudly aware of their inexorable sensuality.

New creations in the Balenciaga collection

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There is some hope for us women after all.  These wonderful and strange creations by Balenciaga does wonders for a woman’s figure.  When you put it on for the first time it feels like you are about to go up into space, but when you look in the mirror, you will ask yourself if the woman that you are looking at is the same person. 



It highlights all the right spots and makes all the unwanted spots disappear.  It is designed in a way that the shoulders and hips appear a little larger but minimizes the waist to a great extent. Like the pictures show this outfit is also availabe in a skirt and sleeveless top made of the best quality material. They are really revolutionary masterpieces. 


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