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Sky high summer heels!

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High heels have always had a sensual appeal, and a synonymous to femininity. This season, different to the “normal” heels, we find some really architectonic highnesses. Plateau, stilettos, chunky heels and wedge heels appear to be created simply to challenge our sense of vertigo!

Subtle and curved towards the sole is the icon heel of Roger Vivier, global evergreen when it comes to stilettos. Miu Miu on the other hand goes for bamboo this spring/summer collection 2009, where pumps with maxi platform and heel made in cork are found. This last material can be find as well in the Christian Dior heels combined with shinny colours.

Definitely more rock and rule-breaking the style signed Gucci and the no famous Iman sandals, half stiletto half gladiator sandal. Super plateau for Giuseppe Zanotti and for Prada and its platform sandals in raffia.


Mariah Carey big fan of Roberto Cavalli

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Mariah Carey showed off her figure in a Roberto Cavalli maxi dress at the Mardan Palace opening in Turkey at the red carpet!  Mariah was one of many women that frequently was seen at Cannes wearing the Italian designer’s stunning creations, and who’s blaming her?!

The dress is one of this Roberto Cavalli s/s collection’s many maxi dresses, this year so popular. Mariah wore a green, yellow and white striped maxi gown with the Cavalli signature gold serpent keeping the gown together. And completed her look with some ethic but glamorous gold earrings.

Roberto Cavalli made some equally stunning maxi dresses similar to the one Mariah is wearing but instead black and white striped maxi dress and white with gold chains and many more…

5 must-have for your summer holidays!

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As the summer is arriving, you must start thinking on what you should be packing down for the holidays. These five must-have for your beach holiday are neccessary for your fashion surviving! Assuming you are going for a warm holiday, perhaps in the mediterrinean or Soutern America, these are the summer hits you must remember to pack:

1. Exotic kaftans

kaftans catwalk

Of course you need a striking kaftan for your sunny beach days! It’s the most desired beach accessory at the moment, let your fantasy flow choosing between Roberto Cavalli  animal prints, Etro floral print and Gucci pattern.
You will see how fond you will be of the delicate sheer fabric blowing in the wind delicatly caressing your skin, protecting you from the sun and at the same way giving you the amazing exotic summer look!

2. Elegant swimsuit


Of course a bikini or monokini is essential for your summer holidays! The cut-away trend is a gorgeous way to be chic at the beach! Check out the Roberto Cavalli swimsuits and Emilio Pucci.

3. Trendy beach bag

Senza titolo-4

For your comfort choose a large bag where you can put all your stuff in… So you don’t need to carry a hundred things risking to loose something on the way! The Emilio Pucci s/s  bag collection 2009 have some colourful bags perfect for the beach!

4. Cut-away heel


Independently you are going out with your fiancé on a romantic dinner near the sea or partying with your girlfriends, the cut-away heels are essential. They do fit in, in every occasion and are tremendously gorgeous! The Giuseppe Zanotti design collection has some amazing creations you must check out!

5. Chic evening dress (one-shoulder,  floral printed, white)


white dre

To combine with the cut-away heels a fresh and delicate dress is indispensable! Go for an one-shouldered dress for the romantic look. Or to make it a little bit more colourful go for the Iceberg one-shouldered dress with colourful butterfly print.

For the fresh and total white look the Christian Dior belted cotton dress is perfect. The white Moschino Cheap & Chic sleeveless bow dress is the romantic respond to the elegant Dior white look! Or make it floral with the beautiful Moschino Cheap & Chic dresses.


Pucci, a lovely way to achieve the colour trend!

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The Italian fashion house, Emilio Pucci has always been colourful and vivid! This year the Emilio Pucci s/s collection is full of beautiful sparkling patterns!

Dresses  with patterns from dark colours such as black, purple and dark green to summerish fuchsia, lilac and baby blue. Like the Pucci sleeved tiger printed dress (on the left of the photo) You will as well find blouses and dresses in green, yellow and turquoise shades! As the amazing turquoise and violet Emilio Pucci dress (on the right of the photo)

The prints are geometrical and full of energetic colour! By combining a printed top with similar monochrome coloured trousers you have achieved the magnificent colourfulness, this year so desired! Or  the other way around, printed trousers with a neutral top. Colourful bags and shoes are equally available in the new Pucci collection!



Beautiful Terri Seymour in Versace at the Grande Finale!

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Terry presented herself looking amazing in a Versace gown at The Grande Finale of “American Idol” 2009!

The black assymetrical strapless Versace gown with multi-zips from the Versace s/s collection 2009 worn by the British television presenter was  presented in white on the international catwalks, even though I prefer the white version the black is equally beautiful! The dress is modern an absolutely chic and suitable for many different events, both for evening and day!

Available as the catwalk version at

Paris Hilton in a romantic Roberto Cavalli maxi dress!

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At Cannes a cocktail party was thrown in Paris’ honour and the blond princess seemed to enjoy herself at the party! She is wearing a Roberto Cavalli floral printed maxi dress in chiffon!

Available as well in different, equally marvellous, models but with the same floral print, as mini dress, one-shouldered, halter dress  and sleeveless all from the Roberto Cavalli s/s collection 2009!

Cannes Film Festival 2009: Premiere of ‘Inglorious Basterds’

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Angelina Jolie showed up at her husbands side for the new Tarantino movie premiere, where Brad is the protagonist, dressed in a nude coloured one-sleeved Versace dress looking simply splendid! To complete her look she had painted her famous lips in a sensual blood-red colour!

The beautiful actress made it again as she looked completely stunning!

For the Versace spring/summer collection 2009 go to

Nothing is fresher than the total white summer trend!

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As seen on the red carpets as well in the magazines, white is without any doubts the colour of the season! Everything becomes fresh, delicate and summerish when it’s white. In addition it’s chic, romantic and modern at the same time. The total white look is the look of the moment not to miss!

total white

Go for total white dresses with same coloured accessories, where some minimal detail might be silver coloured to create a more modern look. The white strapless Versace dress  (left) is a great example, where the multizips gives the look a modern touch! See Versace s/s collection for other white clothing items!

Or else for a more street chic look, combine a white soft silk blouse and a white jacquard jacket with a pair of white trousers (even strapped for a more vintage look) and a matching heel perhaps with a tree sole to avoid the look gets too forced. Like the white Dior heels from the Dior s/s collection!

See Kate Moss’ summerish white look!


How ever accessories are a great ‘tool’ to use for ‘modelling’ your look for a more personal fit. Using your favourite bracelets, rings or necklace you get the desired authentic and relaxed look!


Teri Hatcher in wild Roberto Cavalli maxi dress

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A Concert For Charity Featuring Band From TV, Miami

In Miami at a social event or more specifically at a charity concert we find Teri Hatcher maybe globally most known for the TV series Desperate housewives.

The marvellous actress showed up in a  Roberto Cavalli multi-coloured maxi dress looking fabulous! The dress screams summer and works perfect with her dark colours and gold tanned skin.

The same multi-coloured print in green and yellow is available as Roberto Cavalli mini dress and Roberto Cavalli top, check out at

r cavalli multicoloured

Toni Garrn in Versace at the Annual Life Ball in Vienna!

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versace life ball

The 17 th Life Ball arranged by the non-profit organization Aids Life was hold on May 16 in Vienna to keep people aware of the disease and above all collect money.

Present were Pam Anderson, Bill Clinton, models like Toni Garrn and many other celebrities. Toni Garrn ran the catwalk and afterwards she showed up looking amazing in a  Versace  maxi dress with sea print in pastel colours from the Versace s/s collection 2009. The Versace sea print is found in other feminine clothing items,  as the Versace mini dress, classic Versace dress and chiffon tunics.

The print is a sort of collage, were water colours, images and drawings are put together in a harmonious way creating a delicate and romantic atmosphere…

versace sea print

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