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New Fall/Winter Collections online at!

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New Fall/Winter collections 2010 are now online at the fashion store!

The most desired brands and exclusive fashion houses, such as Gucci, Prada, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, John Richmond, Versace, Giorgio Armani and many others are available on the boutique online Giglio which, this season, add to his huge range contemporary brands like Hogan and Seven.

With most world-renewed designers collections and luxury sportswear labels, shopping online has never been so cool!


Sky high summer heels!

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High heels have always had a sensual appeal, and a synonymous to femininity. This season, different to the “normal” heels, we find some really architectonic highnesses. Plateau, stilettos, chunky heels and wedge heels appear to be created simply to challenge our sense of vertigo!

Subtle and curved towards the sole is the icon heel of Roger Vivier, global evergreen when it comes to stilettos. Miu Miu on the other hand goes for bamboo this spring/summer collection 2009, where pumps with maxi platform and heel made in cork are found. This last material can be find as well in the Christian Dior heels combined with shinny colours.

Definitely more rock and rule-breaking the style signed Gucci and the no famous Iman sandals, half stiletto half gladiator sandal. Super plateau for Giuseppe Zanotti and for Prada and its platform sandals in raffia.

Charlize Theron wearing Prada.

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Fantastic actress Charlize Theron captures my attention today thanks to her appearance for the premier of “Hancock”, featuring Will Smith, in Japan. On this occasion Charlize is wearing a beautiful sleeveless navy Prada dress with a wavy updo from the Prada Fall Collection 2008. The dress perfectly matches the delicate colours of the South African actress and exalts her beauty and class even more is ever possible! Prada is the designer of the moment, the brand appears in lots of magazines inspiring those who can’t resist to its peculiar style.

As for splendid Charlize Theron I would like to refresh her intense life and career starting with the Oscar she won in 2004 for her interpretation of serial killer Aileen Wournos in “Monster”. If you have strong guts you’ll be shocked watching her performance and her figure turning into the terribly awful bad looking and cruel serial killer. I must remind as well of Charlize Theron dramatic childhood, shaded by the presence of her violent and alcoholic father, Charles, who got killed for self defence by Charlize’s mom Gerda. Such a trauma had a strong impact on the actress who became very keen in supporting social causes and charity.
I loved Charlize Theron in other movies such as “The Devil’s Advocate” with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, and the remake of  “The Italian job”.

In 2004 Charlize Theron signs up a contract with John Galliano and she becomes the new testimonial for the Dior’s perfume J’adore.

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The Dior store online presents an elegant homepage opening its doors to the Dior’s fantastic world. The colours of the site push you through with an harmonious light game.

BRANDS: Dior Karenina, Dior Jazzclub, Dior Gaucho, Lady Dior, Christal Watch.

WEBSITE FEATURES: It is possible to pick up items per collection, category, catalogues or top 10 section. The site is simple to use. Once you picked up a category you are shown the assortment. Categories or sub categories are shown on your left hand side. Description of items is clear. Deliveries are carried out Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and public holidays. You can chose between ordinary and express delivery. Delivery charges may change according to your order. Orders can be shipped in mainland UK and Ireland.

STOCK: handbags, shoes, small leather goods, jewellery, perfumes and more.

RELIABILITY: Dior’ s store online guarantees your personal details are protected to the highest standards. Items are in perfect state.

STRENGHT: Well….it’s the official Dior shop online.

WEAKNESS: Items are not always available.

Carla Bruni celebrates Bastille Day in Dior

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The first lady of France Carla Bruni has been celebrating the Bastille Day on Monday with her husband Nicolas Sarkozy. For such an important event she wore two dresses, both by Dior.

The first dress was a violet dress with a croppet jacket; she then changed into a second Dior, a beautiful black navy silk dress.

On this occasion she also discussed the beginning of her career, which started when she was just 19, and she declared her admiration for the “eccentric” British. “I must tell you that I adore the British because they are very eccentric; they are very traditional and at the same time they are very original.”

This is not the first time Carla Bruni went for a Dior’s creation. She recently wore a Dior’s smoking jacket for a promotional spot of her last album “Comme si de rien n’ était”. Absolutely chic!

More Red Carpet looks at the Cannes Film Festival (part 1)…

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Well, the Cannes Film Festival is at its end, but the beautiful images of the stunning dresses, worn by the most glamorous celebrities, will stick in our minds and on the internet, forever.  I would say that the 61st edition of the Cannes Film Festival was a great success, not only in reference to the new films, but also with the trends that were set by these great celebs and the designers who dressed them.

First we take a look at the red carpet for the premier of the new  Woody Alen film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, staring Rebecca Hall, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson.  Rebecca Hall, one of the leading actresses arrived on the red carpet, in a beautiful grey, one shoulder gown in chiffon by Alberta Ferretti. For the press conference she chose a lovely pale pink cocktail dress, again by Alberta Ferretti.

Aishwarva Rai appeared on the red carpet with her husband in a gorgeous bright pink satin dress by Roberto Cavalli.


The beautiful Elsa Zilberstein, who never goes wrong in her choices of what to wear on the red carpet, floated along in a total white look by Dior, absolutely fabulous.

In the occasion for the premier of Gomorra, the new film by Reberto Saviano, Rula Jebreal wore a white chiffon dress from the 2008 spring summer collection of Alberta Ferretti.  She really looked like a Grecian goddess with the white dress on her flawless bronzed skin.


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Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the most prestige American chain stores. In fact, there are 54 shops all over the United States. was launched in 2000 for online purchasing of clothes and accessories of the most prestige designers.

Brands:  Armani Collections, Prada, D&G, Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, Fendi, Miu Miu, Tod’s and many more…

Stock:   On this site it is possible to find the clothes and accessories that are displayed in the Saks Fifith Avenue shops.  The range is vast regarding the brands, the objects and the number of clothes available.

Reliability:  This site in 100% secure.  The brands are of the best quality and originality and is handled with maximum service.

Website Features:  this site is elegant and has a nice layout.  It is also easy and simple to use, just search for the item that you want under catogory or designer of your choice.  There are nine departments to choose from, from women’s, shoes, handbags, accessories beauty to men’s, kids, home, gifts and sale.  There is really a wide variety and all the goods are of the best quality, guarenteed.

Strengths:  The guarentee of the authenticity of the brands, the quality and the wide range of products.

Weaknesses:  To buy Italian brands from a online shop in America will be much more expensive than if you buy it from a online European online shop.


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This American company, owned by Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton (lvmh), was launched in 2000 and is dedicated to the online sales of clothes and accessories by the most presige designers.

Brands:  eLuxury’s prestigous line-up includes designers like: Louis Vuitton, Alberta Ferretti, Blumarine, Celine, Derek Iam, Dior, D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Fendi, Jean Pual Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Versace and many more.

Stock:  There is a big variety of clothes, shoes and accessories to choose from that is displayed on the site.

Website features:  The site is basic and easy to use. You can shop under the type of garment or designers of you choice.  There are a lot of aspects for example: there are nine departments to choose from, everything from women’s apparel, shoes, handbags, beauty to accessories, men, gifts, kids and an exclusive Louis Vuitton boutique.  They also have a sales section with up to 25% off some of the goods displayed.  The photo’s of the products are really well-structured and one can see the details of the products clearly.  In some aspects the site looks like a school project.

Reliability:  eLuxury guarentees that the products are absolutely of the best quality and are the real garments of the the designers mentioned.  They also have a 100% satisfaction and fruad protection guarentee.

Strength:  eLuxury have a policy of free shipping if the amount is more than $150.

Weaknesses:  They only do shippings to the 48 U.S. states and Alaska and Hawaii.



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This is the official site of Dior, where it is possible for the online purchasing of bags, accessories, leather goods, watches and perfume from this well established French designer. This elegant site consists out of the boutique for ladies and men, and it is also possible to buy items for the newborn babies.

Website Features: In this elegantly designed site it is possible to search for the desired items in different ways: by collections, category, catalog or the Top 10 selections. The site is constructed in many different languages so you will find it really easy to purchase the items of your dreams.

Reliability: This is 100% the official site of Dior and this is all the security needed to know that the items are original and genuine. The time of the shipping of the items, depending on the services, normally takes about 2-3 working days and is free, or otherwise with express shipping, which takes 1-2 working days.

Strengths: It is the online boutique of the official Site of Dior, it is very glamorously designed.

Weaknesses: All of the items are not always available. It is not your average online boutique for clothes.


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GIGLIO.COM – is the brand new site of the Giglio group dedicated to the online sales of clothes and accessories of the best designer labels in Italian and international fashion. Along with recent development, already have all the papers in order to become a true and proper establishment in the world of Italian e-commerce regarding fashion.

Brands: Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferrè, John Richmond, Roger Vivier, Jimmy Choo, Zanotti Design, Etro, Balenciaga, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, D&GDolce&Gabbana, Refrigiwear, Fay, Frankie Morello, Tom Ford, Ermanno Scervino, Galliano, Iceberg, Roberto Cavalli, Tod’s, Emilio Pucci, Ermenegildo Zegna and many others…

Stock: Besides the huge selection of designers, clothing and accessories lines, there is a wide range of products.

Website’s features: This is a funny and delightful website that also have two fabulous features consisting in the Giglio Magazine and a Blog about the fashion showing you all you can find, along with so much information and suggestions of all the latest trends and styles of the fashion, the designers, and the latest updates on the glamorous celebrities.
The site is also so simple to use, just type or select the name of your favourite designer and category, and let the fun begin.

Reliability: The quality and originality of the products are absolutely guaranteed. Giglio group is a member of the National Room of the Italian Fashion, and it has been working for a countless amount of years to set the standards in fashion and luxury. The site and the online sales are managed directly from Giglio as well as the seven boutiques in Palermo.
If your purchase is more than € 500,00, the shipping is absolutely free.

Strength: The site is very pleasant, funny and well developed and, above all, you can be sure of the authenticity and quality of the products which is of the highest.

Weakness: Right now, nothing!

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