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Christmas gifts: Dior Le 30 bags

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Every woman loves bags! If it comes of a Christian Dior bag we are face to face with the top of elegance. The new Dior Le 30 handbags collection is a perfect match of time-less charm and contemporary style. The new design and shape and the metallic detail like the chain of the handles make this handbags even more desirable.

The Dior Le 30 bags are realized in velvet, satin and leather with the cannage pattern. Among the different models the colours range includes purple, red, brown and black.


Nothing is fresher than the total white summer trend!

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As seen on the red carpets as well in the magazines, white is without any doubts the colour of the season! Everything becomes fresh, delicate and summerish when it’s white. In addition it’s chic, romantic and modern at the same time. The total white look is the look of the moment not to miss!

total white

Go for total white dresses with same coloured accessories, where some minimal detail might be silver coloured to create a more modern look. The white strapless Versace dress  (left) is a great example, where the multizips gives the look a modern touch! See Versace s/s collection for other white clothing items!

Or else for a more street chic look, combine a white soft silk blouse and a white jacquard jacket with a pair of white trousers (even strapped for a more vintage look) and a matching heel perhaps with a tree sole to avoid the look gets too forced. Like the white Dior heels from the Dior s/s collection!

See Kate Moss’ summerish white look!


How ever accessories are a great ‘tool’ to use for ‘modelling’ your look for a more personal fit. Using your favourite bracelets, rings or necklace you get the desired authentic and relaxed look!


Hot Swimwear fashion 2009!

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Finally spring has arrived and with it the moment to start checking out for new hot swimwear/bikinis! With this year’s asymmetrical and one-shoulder fashion of course even the bikinis are included. In fact on Victoria’s Secret, London fashion week, yes all over the world’s catwalks we will find this amazing new fashion trend, with cut-away, one shoulder bikinis and monokins! A fantastic and creative fashion trend to catch up with this summer 2009!

The bikinis and monokins tags along with  the Grecian goddess inspired one-shoulder fashion on this year’s catwalks with great elegance. To give the public a great eye-pleasure as the swimwear are extremely sexy and provocative!

Of course the cut-away trend is also a great source of inspiration to this year’s swimwear fashion. Roberto Cavalli has made some monokinis cut-away in animal printed fabric, which are definitely very cute.


Christian Dior has as well made elegant monokins with various decoration and attached stones. Great to wear with the trendy kaftans and other accessories on the beach this summer 2009!



Eternal Red!

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Red is a colour that always remains on the catwalks, in the boutiques, on the streets, well red is somehow always present… Because red is a particular and mostly a classic colour.


It’s not only classic and a splendid beauty it’s as well the most eye catching colour of them all. That’s why it’s perfect for evening activities and elegant parties! This spring and summer collection Alberta Ferretti, Ice Berg, Valentino yes almost all of the big designers have some amazing red dresses, shirts, blouses or bags! Like this stunning red Valentino dress made in light see -trough fabric.
This year as well the shoes and bags are red. Perfect to combine with jeans and neutral colours for a city day as well with a mixture of other colours! To create an explosion of colours matching this S/S fashion.



dior-scarpeLike these Christian Dior high healed sandals.

Available at  


Or this red Roger Vivier bag.

Available at  

Gossip girl: Dior and Gucci handbags

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Gossip girl is an American serial that take the name from a anonymous boggler that writes about a group of teenagers from the Upper East Side, their intrigues, the obscure secretes of which their lives are full.

This series catches the attention of many teenagers but also of many fashion addicts because of its interest in fashion, trends and big brands like for example Christian Dior or Gucci. Many important fashion designers decided to dress up the characters of this glamorous TV series. The result is that this series becomes the fashion victims wonderland.

Below there are a handful of pictures from some episodes of gossip girl. The two girls, Blair Woldorf (played by Leighton Meester) and Georgina Sparks (portrayed by actress Michelle Trachtenberg) were immortalized wearing three wonderful bags belonging to Gucci and Dior fashion house.













In the firs image besides Blair there is also an other main character that certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. I’m spiking about lady Dior Cannage Bag. This gorgeous bag is realised in black leather. It has a geometrical grid on its and metallic details give to this already wonderful accessory a more beautiful and chic touch.

In the second picture the outline of Gucci Hysteria Hobo Bag appears in all its beauty. This model is made in a shiny python skin but personally I think that Guccissima leather version is much the best, for its sophisticated soul and its natural beauty that makes her an unending accessory.

The last photo shows another creation by Dior, a red fretted Lady Dior Bag with the usual silvery logo in evidence.

Ankle boots: Gucci, Christian Dior and Fendi

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Boots this winter were the uncontested main characters among glamorous shoes. Easy to wear and very comfortable they have couth the attention of many women and celebrities that can’t renounce them anymore. This popular type of shoe, now a must have accessory, is destined to become a trend as regards also this spring fashion season.

Many prestigious designers, like in this case Gucci, Christian Dior or Fendi proposed us different versions to suit all consumers tastes.
That one by Gucci fashion house for its sportive and strong soul catch the attention of many fashion addicts . The glamorous and elegant lines of this pair of shoes are emphasized by the predominant presence of golden studs the characteristic element of this winter Gucci collection.









These Christian Dior boots belong to the cannage collection. Even in this case Christian Dior doesn’t live up its reputation as a refined fashion house. The pair of boots in question are in a total black patent-leather with a high stiletto hell that gives a more elegant touch at this accessory.









Fendi shows us the perfect compromise between the two previous options. Fendi proposal is the result of the perfect union between the chic essentialism of Christian Dior and the creative touch of Gucci. The boots are realised in suede, they are total black coloured except for some silvery lamé decorations.


Clutch bags

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The undisputed queen as regards bags is the pretty, enchanting ,small but also comfortable clutch bag, that is becoming an indispensable accessory and a real must for women that like to fallow fashion and trends.

Up to now everyone, VIPs but also common people, wish have a designer clutch bag. Practical and simple to wear with jeans and t-shirt like the clutch bag of J.Lo, or a more precious and sophisticated one for the most important soirées, clutch bag is always present in our mise.









Designers suggest us various patterns for all types of personalities and requirements. For example Valentino propose us a simple and very sophisticated model, its sobriety is toned down by the particularity of the pink ruches and the touch of gold that gave a more frivolous look.









The clutch bag signed Prada, like that one of Valentino, is really romantic because of its color and also for the harmonious balance between the simplicity of the item and the use of precious gems. This peculiarities make these two bags so wonderful and refined.









An other clutch option could be that one proposed by Christian Dior fashion house, this bag is more particular, eccentric, unusual and provocative in the style. This bag seems to be perfect for women that want to be noticed because it’s quite impossible to go unnoticed.









As you can see all the main fashion designers gave importance to clutch bags in their collections, small accessories but only as regards size not for glamour!

Large trousers, the new trend

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As we know, fashion trends change vary quickly, a good and fitting example are trousers. The return to the fashion stage of bell-bottom and large trousers is not more a secret for the expert of fashion.

In many defilet, narrow trousers, that excelled last year, have been replaced by other: larger and more comfortable. The difference from the past is not only the big-sized, but also the long waist that replaces more familial short ones. So there is a real return to the past.

The dimension of trousers obviously depends on the stylish.
Giorgio Armani, for example, shows us an aggressive and clean line collection. A strong personality and a peculiar design makes it original, witty and fresh.
The unusual style is emphasizes by the big belt or the original material, like nylon. Another peculiarity of Emporio Armani collection are the big pockets that gave a sportive touch at the trousers. giorgio-armanigiorgio-armani2








The collection of Christian Dior  has a more classic style than Armani ones. His collection is classical not only for his dress-length but also for the squared weft.
Contributes to give a classic style also the type of material used, not more innovative like that one of Armani. He uses silk, rich and undying material. Christian Dior so joins the innovation of large trousers with classical elements, and this is the real strength of his collection. cristian-diorcristian-dior2

Foulard fashion

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Synonymous of elegance and class, foulard has always been considered a distinctive element over the years, an accessory whose importance never ended. And fashion proves what just said with the revival of this useful accessory.

 Worn around the head…

as a scarf…

attached on a bag…

as a belt…

This lovely piece of silk gained the favour of designers. Designers left their print on the label making their style recognizable on foulards too. Below some foulards from Gucci, Christian Dior and Versace.

Interesting approach by Gucci, with a gipsy style pattern and dark colours.




Christian Dior, in fact, plays more with colours and geometrical round shapes creating a light effect.

Christian Dior:


The interest for geometrical shapes affects Versace too, even if he prefers squared forms to round ones. The use of colour in Versace is evident too, yellow is predominant with lovely combinations: yellow and lilac, yellow and fuchsia, yellow and white.


Harry Potter’s Hermione for Vogue Italy September 2008

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We all remember her as the nice Harry Potter’s Hermione. Imagine my surprise when I saw actress Emma Watson’s transformation into a beautiful model posing for Vogue Italy !

Ex child Hermione is wearing some of the most important brands of the world of fashion. Emma is dressed in a fairy tale style like couture gowns and dresses by Versace, Armani, Valentino, Christian Dior, always supported by dreaming and theatrical settings.





Christian Dior

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