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Versace at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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For the spring/summer 2011 collection Donatella Versace has left apart ruches and ruffles, preferring rigour and precise cuts. The entire collection seems being dedicated to Gianni Versace, due to the fact that is whole decorated with the Greek pattern that he loved. Although dresses are really severe and strict, sensuality comes through anyway showing off an elegant and original woman. That was the focus of the designer, who has matched brilliantly vivid colours and decorations with cut-outs that expose the back and the shoulders.

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Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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Delicacy and innocence are the first sensations coming out from the Dolce & Gabbana 2011 collection. Pure white is all present on the creations and dominates the most part of the collection, while black, floral patterns and animal prints are proposed on some creations. However, the point in common are undoubtedly the embroideries. Those embroideries once have decorated blankets, tablecloths, nightdresses and petticoats. Our grandmas used doing them themselves and trying teaching us how to decorate the linen. This was an old Italian tradition that brings many memories to mind, and now it’s proposed on the catwalk in a different key. The collection follows the fall winter 2010 collection which was characterized by the lingerie style. The final pieces are instead decorated with rhinestones embroideries that light up the delicate fabrics of the elegant gowns and mini-dresses.

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Moschino Cheap&Chic at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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Colour and lightheartedness seem being the main characteristics of the Moschino Cheap&Chic fashion show, that was most similar to party. All the people invited were eating a slice of pizza when the fashion show began. The models were smiling while showing the multicoloured dresses and patchwork items in summer shades like soft yellow, aqua green, turquoise and peach. All the decorations and accessories recall the ocean bottom such as coral and turquoise, while some bags are striped following the navy style. A retro influence is a common element in those outfits fully decorated and completed with a cardigan. Faux coral and turquoise are also enriching necklaces and belts. The entire collection seems being designed for the woman always in holiday, very coloured and lively, well done!

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Milan Fashion Week 2011 day 2: Ermanno Scervino

In Ermanno Scervino on September 29, 2010 at 2:08 pm

The Ermanno Scervino fashion show took place yesterday during the Milan Fashion Week 2011. The spring summer 2011 collection presented were one of the most interesting, showing off a kind of femininity very delicate and elegant. All the creations expose the legs which are the focus of the collections. Shorts, sheer mini-dresses and structured trench coats are enriched by plisse decorations which are the allure of those garments. Even if white is the main shade, turquoise, nude and brown are present anyway to highlight they are the favourite colours of the fashion house.

Fendi at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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The first thing of this Fendi spring summer 2011 collections that catches my attention was the volume of the creations, which have comfortable cuts that are ideal for summer looks. Tunic dresses with just a coulisse highlighting the waist are proposed in summer colours such as aqua green, orange and, the common colour of every collections for the upcoming season, white. Anyway Fendi never compromise on originality and class, and we can notice it in the 70s influences: the main feature of the collection. A closer look to details makes us find an unexpected decoration: the border of some dresses seems to be obtained with fire, creating a burned effect on the fabric. While accessories deserve a closer attention as they are the strength of the label. The iconic baguette bag is proposed in new versions with the colours in vogue while waist belts are essential.

Gianfranco Ferrè at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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The Gianfranco Ferrè collection, presented at the Milan Fashion Week has something that distinguish it from the others. The feature is undoubtedly the class of those creations which are simple and finely decorated at the same time. Black and white is, even in this collection, widely employed in dresses and gowns. But, in this case, black is a ribbon that crosses the silhouette on a white chiffon. Trenches and women suits can’t be missed while dresses are the main focus of the two designers, Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi. Python leather, macramé and sequin are the elements that cover dresses, with fine embroideries and plisse. Precious materials on soft fabrics that embrace gently the body falling slightly. A great collection that deserves our attention.

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CnC Costume National at Milan Fashion Week 2011

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Last friday was the turn of the C’N’C Costume National fashion show at the Milan Fashion Week. The show took place in the main square of the city centre, in front of the Milan’s Duomo, hosting a very important event with a live band, the Horrors, and a ballet performance. The collection follows the style of the fashion house showing off a kind of elegance thought for the young people who likes being sophisticated. The idea is creating a urban style without renouncing to class. The result is an amazing collection based on plain colours, mainly white and beige with some vivid shades on the last pieces of the collection. It really worth to take inspirations from those outfits.

Milan Fashion Week 2011 day 1: Gucci

In Gucci on September 23, 2010 at 12:39 pm

Frida Giannini has surpassed herself with this 2011 spring summer collection, which have surprised everyone. We were expecting traditional Gucci outfits which are very classic, but this time glamour seems to be back to the Gucci’s catwalk. The first creations are in vibrant colours smartly combined each other and enriched by golden accessories. While the following designs show off all the shades of sand, from beige to brown, bringing a safari-chic sensation to the collection. Dresses has structured cuts enriched by ethnic details like fringes and stoned embroideries taking inspirations by tribal cultures. While there is a wide use of leather that is woven and laced in rigid corsets.

Looking forward to Milan Fashion Week

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The Milan fashion week starts today so it’s time for every fashionistas to have a look at new Italian collections. The calendar is fulfilled by very important names that you can’t miss such as Gucci, John Richmond, Alberta Ferretti, Ermanno Scervino, Fendi, D&G and more. Besides one of the news come from Moschino which will display its fashion show on on 24th September at 9.30. Then, Moschino fans get ready to virtually attend the show of the spring summer 2011 collection. Also it’s possible to order pieces from the new collection while you are seeing the fashion show (for the lucky ones who can afford them). We are so excited to see which are the new trends for the next summer, and looking forward those fashion shows.

The new Gucci’s collection:

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The 2008/09 autumn-winter collection that Gucci showed at the Milan fashion week, is original and innovative. The collection is new, fresh, good for a woman that want to be noticed and likes to follow the dictates of fashion, but preserving her personality.

For the use of materials and creative patterns this collection brings us back at the 70’s but also to the Balkan Countries. Metallic studs, upholsterer’s nails, fringes: this are the main characteristics of this collection, that seems perfect to be worn by young people because of its rock  references.

The icing on the cake of Babouska collection are bags.
Very accurate details, like the big metallic harts, or the coloured and vivacious decorations and   obviously the inevitable knobs, make this accessories a real status symbol at the moment.








Practical and beautiful have also catch the attention of many important stars like Jessica Simpson and Rihanna.


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