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Let it be pink!

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Colour is one of the main trends this spring/summer 2009. Combined strong colours, fluorescent colours as well as monochromes is what works this season! Solid colours as well as patterns. But a really magical colour is pink! High lighted pink in its strongest shade!


fay pink


Fay makes it magical pink! Pink waist coats, nylon jackets, sweaters and race nylon jackets in different styles as well as trench coats and satin jeans in the same beautiful and eye-catching colour!


Ermanno Scervino makes in the Ermanno Scervino s/s collection 2009  maxi dresses with embroidered collar and mini strapless ruffled dresses in strong shade pink. Which goes perfect with sun tanned skin and few well chosen accessories!

pink shoes

Paciotti buckle sandal and Moschino Cheap & Chic leather sandal with rose detail.


Cesare Paciotti: S/S Shoe Collection 2009

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Feminine and sensual, the new Cesare Paciotti shoe spring/summer collection 2009 is recognized by tremendously high heels, details and plateau. The tones are eye-catching like fuchsia and purple, precious as gold and silver and elegant like black.

As king of the collection we find the crocodile, printed all over the sandals and pumps. Thoug the real newcomer,  this spring/summer, is the tattoo decorated sandal, elaborated with pattern shaped cut- away, which give sthe shoes a unique and fairy tale look.


Purple? Of course!

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Purple was the colour of last winter but is still top fashion, in fact on the international catwalks purple was one of the leading colours! This Spring and Summer our top designer’s have decided to combine many different shades and tones of purple like; lilac, lavender, violet and plum.

Of course purple is suitable even together with other colours, in fact another trend of the year is exactly the mixing of strong colours. A third way to combine purple is with gold or silver accessories. Which creates a really mysterious and seductive look perfect for a glamorous summer night party!


For example Alberta Ferretti’s S/S collection has a couple of amazing purple creations. Long dresses as well as shirts with soft flounces. For example this plum coloured drape chiffon dress seen in the middle on the photo above. Or purple Alberta Ferretti trousers also seen on the photo above…

Ermanno Scervino chooses a brighter tone of purple, like this lilac criss-cross jersey dress

Cesare Paciotti goes for the eye-catching purple, as clutch as well as stilettos, amazing accessories this S/S or should I rather say an absolute must have this season! For a slightly more delicate taste the Paciotti jacket is an alternative!

How ever it doesn’t really matter where or how you wear it as long as purple actually has tinted your body!

Shopping Guide: S/S Shoes 2009

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2009’s shoe fashion screams out loud: “Extreme!” but  don’t be terrified you can always modify fashion so it suites you better, but still be perfectly trendy. This year in fact shoes are dreadfully  high but on the other side more stunning than ever! We are talking about platform sandals, gladiator sandals, tapered heels, cut-away sandals, thick chunky heels and of course sky high heels. But more important though are the details, without details this S/S you will not pass the test!

You will find the most important trends and shopping advices below…



The cut-away trend is evident this spring/summer 2009 and of course we’ll find it in the shoe fashion. The two upper shoes on the photo are from the Giuseppe Zanotti collection, and they clearly demonstrate the existence.

This amazing cut-away technique is stunning, elegant and in the same way provocative. And most important it works absolutely well on high heels. It gives you the right modern and fresh look! Perfect as well at night to a mini dress as well to jeans or a casual style… The solid black Paciotti shoes are furthermore  phenomenal!




The Stiletto is a classical, and of course this year it’s top fashion. But this year two things have changed, fist of all is the richness of particularities, from buckles to different patterns. Second are the fusion of stilettos and platform heels. Which evidently creates an even higher heel.

These pink Paciotti or these sky high Zanotti stilettos have all different exiting particularities!





The gladiator sandals are a truly Must-Have this spring and summer! Perfect for city days or casual night events… Miu Miu has made some truly cute gladiator sandals (see photo).





The Platform sandals are an other Must have this Spring/Summer 2009. They are seen every where and all over the world. The platform sandal trend is funny and awesome and definitely a trend to catch up with to get the right chic s/s look! 

For a classic look these Gucci sandals are perfect, while a more extreme version is these attention-grabbing pink Moschino pair or the outstanding purple Paciotti heels.

Shopping Guide: The Romantic Look

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How to get the perfect romantic look this spring/summer 2009! First of all the most important thing in getting the soft, romantic and of course feminine look is to focus on the colours. In fact warm and creamy colours are the ones to choose. Try to avoid strong contrasts, the trick is to combine the same colour in different shapes.

For instant pink in different tones mixed with purple, (which is the most trendy colour this season) and blue. If you desire a more chic or stronger look mix up the creamy colours with one strong colour, but of course a colour you’ve already used. Like a luminous shoe or bag. These trendy purple Paciotti  high healed sandals for instant. An other important thing not to underestimate are the details… Which make the wholeness!

The romantic look is simple but rich of details, with flounces and ribbons, mostly very sweet details. Obviously even floral prints are a great motif, for example roses or leafs. Like this exquisite Moschino Cheap and Chic floral printed dress. A perfect example of a romantic dress.

A must to get the sensual romantic look is the embroidery, which undoubtedly gives you that feminine look you desire. It could be a knitted cardigan or a blouse with embroideries on the chest. As the Moschino Cheap and Chic short cardigan on the photo. So simple but still so cute and irresistible. Perfect to light blue jeans and a similar coloured shoe.

Last but not least except the details important as well are the accessories. Sweet earrings, bracelets etc. It’s only for you to experiment now!

Cesare Paciotti shoes Spring collection 2009

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This year shoes are more important and more expressive than ever! Spring 2009 will be full of colours, high hells, thick platforms, gladiator sandals and most of all details… For example these pink Cesare Paciotti high healed sandals seen below.


Starting in 1948 by Giuseppe Paciotti as a men’s shoe company. Paciotti now a days is world wide famous for their amazing shoe creations. Firstly known for their grace and elegance.

This Spring tough fashion takes the lead with a more extreme touch. Spring and Summer shoes collection 2009 is a mixture of high healed shoes in every possible way. Like these pink Paciotti sandals. Every pair of shoes this year needs a particularity and lots of details. It could be a strong color like in this case or a creation of ribbons attached in different ways or it might as well be a special pattern, possibly even a gigantic buckle.

How ever shoes this Spring/Summer 2009 is funnier than ever since it allows you to play with colors and details, it simply allows you to be creative!

These shoes are available at

Paciotti shoes

Fall winter 2008/09 must have: Ankle boots by Prada, Gucci, Paciotti, Fendi

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Ankle boots as must have of next 2008/09 fall winter fashion. Next winter you will find them in different combinations and fabrics.

Prada ankle boots: suede ankle boots by Prada, with a high 10 cm heel, ideal to sort you out for an elegant night out as a good accessory.

Gucci ankle boots: Gucci, in fact, personalizes its boots even more with the application of golden studs at the back for an extravagant final result.

Paciotti ankle boots: Paciotti prefers a more classical approach. He does go for the black suede boots, confident or the never ending variety that his choice implies, 12 cm high heel included.

Not to mention Fendi, least but not last, he suggests two different kind of ankle boots, a more classical one, in suede with a stunning heel, and a printed one, in black, faithful to the trend, with a 12 cm high heel.

Fendi 1

Fendi 2

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