Fendi fall/winter 2010

In Fendi on August 24, 2010 at 3:37 pm

The new Fendi fall/winter 2010 collection is undoubtedly an amazing collection. It is surely linked with the spring summer 2010 collection for the use of soft fabrics which make those dresses very light on the body and mild. All the styles express a sense of freedom for the volume of the sleeves that allow fluid movements therefore Karl Lagerfeld calls them “Butterfly or fling sleeves”. The fullness of the long skirts underlines the concept of the lightness that is the main allure of the collection.

The outfits seems to be inspired to the long tradition beyond this famous fashion house. Models seems to come out from another age, with their long skirts and exclusive blazers they are close to perfection suggesting a sense of vintage. Colours employed are all the shades of the natural colours, like green, brown and grey, combined with yellow, which is the distinctive colour of Fendi.

Fendi bags have been created with high quality materials and are perfectly matched with the outfits proposed. Coats have soft lines as well, exclusive cuts with fur details and without collars. Softness and pureness of fabrics combined with sophisticated and extremely elegant designs make this collection such as unique.


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