Pucci, a lovely way to achieve the colour trend!

In emilio pucci, styles and trends on May 25, 2009 at 2:08 pm



The Italian fashion house, Emilio Pucci has always been colourful and vivid! This year the Emilio Pucci s/s collection is full of beautiful sparkling patterns!

Dresses  with patterns from dark colours such as black, purple and dark green to summerish fuchsia, lilac and baby blue. Like the Pucci sleeved tiger printed dress (on the left of the photo) You will as well find blouses and dresses in green, yellow and turquoise shades! As the amazing turquoise and violet Emilio Pucci dress (on the right of the photo)

The prints are geometrical and full of energetic colour! By combining a printed top with similar monochrome coloured trousers you have achieved the magnificent colourfulness, this year so desired! Or  the other way around, printed trousers with a neutral top. Colourful bags and shoes are equally available in the new Pucci collection!




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