Shopping Guide: The Romantic Look

In Moschino, Paciotti, shoes, styles and trends on April 8, 2009 at 3:57 pm


How to get the perfect romantic look this spring/summer 2009! First of all the most important thing in getting the soft, romantic and of course feminine look is to focus on the colours. In fact warm and creamy colours are the ones to choose. Try to avoid strong contrasts, the trick is to combine the same colour in different shapes.

For instant pink in different tones mixed with purple, (which is the most trendy colour this season) and blue. If you desire a more chic or stronger look mix up the creamy colours with one strong colour, but of course a colour you’ve already used. Like a luminous shoe or bag. These trendy purple Paciotti  high healed sandals for instant. An other important thing not to underestimate are the details… Which make the wholeness!

The romantic look is simple but rich of details, with flounces and ribbons, mostly very sweet details. Obviously even floral prints are a great motif, for example roses or leafs. Like this exquisite Moschino Cheap and Chic floral printed dress. A perfect example of a romantic dress.

A must to get the sensual romantic look is the embroidery, which undoubtedly gives you that feminine look you desire. It could be a knitted cardigan or a blouse with embroideries on the chest. As the Moschino Cheap and Chic short cardigan on the photo. So simple but still so cute and irresistible. Perfect to light blue jeans and a similar coloured shoe.

Last but not least except the details important as well are the accessories. Sweet earrings, bracelets etc. It’s only for you to experiment now!


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