Sophisticated And Elegant Black

In Fendi, John Richmond, styles and trends, Valentino on April 7, 2009 at 3:15 pm


Black is and will always be perfect and modern. It comes back again and again, no matter it’s summer or winter, this classic and seductive colour is always suitable!

Of course we will find it in this spring and summer collection as well. Mostly as dresses, short or long, doesn’t really matter as long as they are sensual. Like the creations of John Richmond who chooses a very rocky but still elegant style. The top designer’s glamorous dresses are partly made in sheer fabrics partly full of pearls and decoration which together creates an ideal style for summer nights. The style is somehow provocative but still very delicate!

For a more classic black look Valentino is just right, who remains simple but still very feminine.

Fendi with its this year fashionable surrealistic and odd style, is perfect for you who desire a stronger black look!



Suitable black accessories…





<–Available at

           Available at–>          








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