An asymmetrical spring!

In Moschino, Versace on April 1, 2009 at 10:28 am

Spring/summer 2009 is full of asymmetry. This year is not supposed to be structured but totally freaked out, in other words asymmetrical!



Try to stick it in as much as possible, there’s many ways to be irregular. Well of course there’s the one-shoulder trend, with the one -shoulder dresses, one-shoulder blouses and so on. That’s a great way to reach the result. A perfect example is this white sophisticated one-shoulder Versace dress. With one or perhaps two shoulders bare you get the right seductive look, especially at night. To emphasis the sensual look you should invest in one-shoulder cut out dresses, so even more parts of your body gets bare and gives you a strong feminine look!

Besides the one shoulder dresses there’s a lot of other ways to be uneven, for instant a huge detail on one part of the dress, a big ribbon on just one side of the body creates an unbalanced touch, perfect this spring. Like the amazing Moschino dress below. Since it’s all about asymmetry a long piece of sheer fabric waving from only one side of the shirt or dress is perfect as well and creates a very soft atmosphere!
















Available at



For a more street look an other perfect way to be on top this S/S is to invest some t-shirts with different prints on the sides or one side stripped and the other not… It’s simply for you to explore! It’s definitely a funny fashion trend to enjoy this eagerly awaited summer!

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