Colour + Colour = Spring and summer 2009

In Moschino, Roberto Cavalli, styles and trends, Versace on March 30, 2009 at 4:13 pm

Purple is still very trendy in fact this year it’s still top fashion. Designers this year have put together different shades of purple as lilac, violet, plum and lavender. But purple together with other strong colors is as well extremely trendy.

Yellow for instant which also is on the top this year! To continue with the strong colors which are definitely very trendy this spring and summer, all fluorescent colors are absolutely right. Like strong orange, florescent clear blue, yellow and green in different shades. On the international catwalk this S/S color was essential, solo as well as combined with other colours…

Brands in specific that this year have used expressive and strong colours are for example Moschino with its S/S collection cheap and chic, where red, light blue, clear and ocean blue are frequently used…

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To continue Versace as well as Roberto Cavalli have this new collection used very much colour. Roberto Cavalli uses reddish tones from dark to almost pink and by combining it with a completely different color like mint green he manage to create a unique and very hot and summer remembering feeling.



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