Cesare Paciotti shoes Spring collection 2009

In Paciotti, shoes on March 13, 2009 at 5:40 pm

This year shoes are more important and more expressive than ever! Spring 2009 will be full of colours, high hells, thick platforms, gladiator sandals and most of all details… For example these pink Cesare Paciotti high healed sandals seen below.


Starting in 1948 by Giuseppe Paciotti as a men’s shoe company. Paciotti now a days is world wide famous for their amazing shoe creations. Firstly known for their grace and elegance.

This Spring tough fashion takes the lead with a more extreme touch. Spring and Summer shoes collection 2009 is a mixture of high healed shoes in every possible way. Like these pink Paciotti sandals. Every pair of shoes this year needs a particularity and lots of details. It could be a strong color like in this case or a creation of ribbons attached in different ways or it might as well be a special pattern, possibly even a gigantic buckle.

How ever shoes this Spring/Summer 2009 is funnier than ever since it allows you to play with colors and details, it simply allows you to be creative!

These shoes are available at

Paciotti shoes

  1. i would like to buy ceaser pacciotti sandals size 37 EUR L-507

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