The Balenciaga boom:

In Balenciaga, styles and trends, Uncategorized on January 21, 2009 at 2:36 pm

The fashion house Balenciaga is becoming more and more popular among the fashion addicts. Bags are the pride of this Spanish fashion house, thanks to their variety of style they meet with success lots of different people.

There are lots of different bags to suit all tastes, from those more sophisticated, chic belonging to the cherche midi line that are perfect for an evening event, to those more sober evening bags of the Lune line.

By far the most popular bags are those more sportive and simple that belong to the city and work lines. Capacious, comfortable and practical they are perfect for everyday needs, once you tried these wonderful bags you can’t do without them anymore. The neat details like fringes, metallic applications or the metallic clasps in evidence make city and work bags an irresistible accessories. The very good leather material they are made render these begs indestructible. As regard colours there are many possibilities in fact Balenciaga offer a very big variety of dyes: black, brown, red, electric turquoise and pink.










In conclusion, Balenciaga bags are a must have accessories as regards this winter season and we can hardly wait to the new spring/summer collection that I think won’t fall short people’s expectations.


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