Clutch bags

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The undisputed queen as regards bags is the pretty, enchanting ,small but also comfortable clutch bag, that is becoming an indispensable accessory and a real must for women that like to fallow fashion and trends.

Up to now everyone, VIPs but also common people, wish have a designer clutch bag. Practical and simple to wear with jeans and t-shirt like the clutch bag of J.Lo, or a more precious and sophisticated one for the most important soirées, clutch bag is always present in our mise.









Designers suggest us various patterns for all types of personalities and requirements. For example Valentino propose us a simple and very sophisticated model, its sobriety is toned down by the particularity of the pink ruches and the touch of gold that gave a more frivolous look.









The clutch bag signed Prada, like that one of Valentino, is really romantic because of its color and also for the harmonious balance between the simplicity of the item and the use of precious gems. This peculiarities make these two bags so wonderful and refined.









An other clutch option could be that one proposed by Christian Dior fashion house, this bag is more particular, eccentric, unusual and provocative in the style. This bag seems to be perfect for women that want to be noticed because it’s quite impossible to go unnoticed.









As you can see all the main fashion designers gave importance to clutch bags in their collections, small accessories but only as regards size not for glamour!

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