Prestigious Christmas presents:

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Christmas is coming and in many cases we are still searching the perfect gift to give. Here there are some interesting and glamorous ideas.

John Galliano is famous for his creativity, every season he proposes us very sensual, romantic and passionate fashion collections. Creativeness is the keyword as regards all his collections.

These characteristics are also respected as regards jewels and more specifically the new fall winter 2008/09 collection. This collection has an interesting and elaborate design that is embellished by the number of details and precious materials like gems. Great importance in this collection has the color that gave a more glamorous touch to all this collection.

These jewels are perfect for all the enterprising and fashionable women. This collection is both elegant for the precious materials but at the same time is casual regarding the style, so is suitable for every situation.john-galliano-gioielli13john-galliano-gioielli-ai-200911john-galliano-gioielli-donna17








Another wonderful jewels’ collection is the one of Roberto Cavalli. In his fall winter 2008/09 jewels collection Cavalli shows us the result of the perfect union between modernity and antiquity.

The jewels refer to ancient cultures, in particular those egyptian and roman, for the use of the material, the representation of symbolical animals like snakes and for the use of amulets.

Bright amulets, golden chains, rigid and snake shaped bracelets, colored rings, big and precious gems this are the main characteristics of these eccentric and beautiful collection. roberto-cavalli-jewels1

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