Berlin muse of Versace.

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tim_roeloffs_311 The city, precisely Berlin, is the subject of Versace’s fall-winter collection 2008/09. This collection arise from a collaboration between the artist Tim Roeloffs and Versace fashion house, also tanks to the interest of Donatella Versace in this city.

This co-operation originated a really splendid and fascinating collection, that seems to be a really work of art. Clothes, as paintings, are a real wearing masterpiece.

All the patterns on clothes and bags, have as subject Berlin metropolitan’s landscape. They take their origin by an accurate study of proportion and volume. They show a link between reality and imagination, due to the presence of senseless connection between real place and imaginative figures, likes exotic animals and unsuitable figures and objects.










The three-dimensional scenery is emphasize by light colours like: yellow, electric blue, violet, fuchsia and also by a gloss effect.
All the materials used in this collection are precious, we can find rich fabrics like silk or crocodile for exemple.


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