A coloured winter

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For ages winter has been synonymous of cold, melancholy and sadness. The rigours of winter has also inevitably influenced clothes and fashion. The result were dark and serious colours that imbue our style of dress, sometimes making it impersonal and strict too.

This year things seem to be changed. Many important designers in fact, have re-introduced gaudy colours and brilliant patterns, that make winter clothes more attractive as the girls that wear them.

Missoni in his collection propose us really coloured, jersey minidresses. Geometrical patterns are the main characteristic of his collection.
Practical,comfortable but also chic this dresses are suitable for all kinds of circumstance.m-missoni-23m-missoni-3








Roberto Cavalli like Missoni, gives many importance in his new fall-winter collection to brilliant colours. He uses lots of fuchsia, pink, green, violet and black as background. The materials are more valuable, silk and chiffon: this are the main employed ones. roberto-cavalliroberto-cavalli-2








Emilio Pucci maybe is the designer that better embodies this necessity of colour and brightness, used as remedy to the dark and sad days of winter.His creations are fresh and witty too, coloured as a Pop picture, bear the good humour also during the most raining days of the year. The eccentricity is their strength.
The turtleneck make this dress both smart and casual-chic, perfect to be worn in all circumstances: at morning with a leather jacket, or as cocktail dress too. This item of clothing for his versatility is really indispensable. emilio-pucciemilio-pucci-2emilio-pucci-3


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