Giglio In …. In Pink Attitude…

In News&Events on October 9, 2008 at 12:19 pm

Last night at the Giglio In Fashion Store (Via Libertà 44, Palermo), the inauguration of the Pink Attitude Tour Exhibition. The exhibition is going to be visitable inside the store up to the 18th of October.

Last night from 19:30 some of the 23 artists took part the event for the promotion of the Pink Attitude Tour.
This is not the first time that Giglio Group deals with the world of Art and Fashion. Erica Mannari, whose artistic alter ego is named after Pink Sublime, is the creator of the Pink Attitude movement. she was there too, as author of the book “The Pink Attitude, the Contemporary Female creativity”.

Pink Attitude is a real artistic movement, inspired by strong female will and passion for freedom of expression.

The incipit of the book clarify the meaning and the approach of the movement, with an intense explanation I would like to share with you: “Pink Attitude is a way of living, of perceiving, of speaking, of moving, of thinking…Pink Attitude mixes the seductive power of sweetness and fragility with the irresistible force of sexuality and determination… Pink Attitude is the natural result of this particular moment in time which mixes culture with trash, beauty with ugliness, love with hate, day and night, man with woman..”

Twenty three artists from all over the planet are sharing this amazing feeling, they are lending their perspective of life and femininity through their images, which can be harsh sometimes, but the result of an experience, the visual shout of life and its many pieces, with all the different aspects this could imply.

Let’s remind again that the exhibition is up to the 18th of October at the Giglio In Fashion Store with some of the extraordinary works of these extraordinary women which are for sale.

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