Milan Fashion Week: Giorgio Armani and Alberta Ferretti.

In Alberta Ferretti, designers and labels, Giorgio Armani on October 1, 2008 at 11:41 am

The Milan Fashion Week brought lots of enthusiasm as usual, and we carry on entertaining you with two glamorous designers and their 2009 spring summer collections: Giorgio Armani and Alberta Ferretti.

For next 2009 spring summer, the ideal woman of Giorgio Armani has to be elegant and accurate in style. She doesn’t have to show off her sensuality, in fact, it has to pass through smooth shapes. Perfect dresses, light dresses, perfect jackets, Bermuda and trousers for this splendid Armani woman. His colours are soft, shaded sometimes, lots of grey and pastel nuances, an elegance beyond times.

 For Alberta Ferretti, in fact, next summer is going to be a revival of the magical 20ees. She is going to enchant us with fringed dresses, laces and lovely applications. Cuts of dresses are asymmetrical and colours are light with evanescent tones, like silver, beige, turquoise, and stronger colours as orange, purple, blue and red, in an explosion of fantasy and freshness.


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