Charlize Theron wearing Prada.

In designers and labels, Dior, Prada on August 25, 2008 at 10:44 am

Fantastic actress Charlize Theron captures my attention today thanks to her appearance for the premier of “Hancock”, featuring Will Smith, in Japan. On this occasion Charlize is wearing a beautiful sleeveless navy Prada dress with a wavy updo from the Prada Fall Collection 2008. The dress perfectly matches the delicate colours of the South African actress and exalts her beauty and class even more is ever possible! Prada is the designer of the moment, the brand appears in lots of magazines inspiring those who can’t resist to its peculiar style.

As for splendid Charlize Theron I would like to refresh her intense life and career starting with the Oscar she won in 2004 for her interpretation of serial killer Aileen Wournos in “Monster”. If you have strong guts you’ll be shocked watching her performance and her figure turning into the terribly awful bad looking and cruel serial killer. I must remind as well of Charlize Theron dramatic childhood, shaded by the presence of her violent and alcoholic father, Charles, who got killed for self defence by Charlize’s mom Gerda. Such a trauma had a strong impact on the actress who became very keen in supporting social causes and charity.
I loved Charlize Theron in other movies such as “The Devil’s Advocate” with Keanu Reeves and Al Pacino, and the remake of  “The Italian job”.

In 2004 Charlize Theron signs up a contract with John Galliano and she becomes the new testimonial for the Dior’s perfume J’adore.

  1. looks great!

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