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Crossing over the borders of boredom, shipping over imaginary seas of pleasure in this hot summer season, and you will find a happy island to fulfil your shopping fantasies with. L’ Inde le Palais is a fabulous, stunning shop located in Bologna, Italy, where you will be caught among enchanting environments and a wide assortment of special events. For those who don’t live in Bologna, in fact, the online store is now available.

BRANDS: Lanvin, Missoni, Nina Ricci, Red Valentino, Valentino, Anna Molinari, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang Lavander.

STOCK: clothing, accessories, music store.

WEBSITE FEATURE: consulting the website is very simple, pictures are finely displayed but not in efficiently large format. All information are carefully delivered and so the different international sizes.

RELIABILITY: the online store’s owner is the same of the “L’Inde le Palais” shop in Bologna. If customers are not happy with their purchase they can return it back to the store and all expenses will be refunded within 8 days from the arrival of the items.

STRENGHT: the website is simple to use and provides all necessary information straight away. Products are of a high quality and 100% original. If you love music, you can’t miss the music area which is very well supplied.

WEAKNESS: the online store could be improved, specially in terms of design.


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