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The Dior store online presents an elegant homepage opening its doors to the Dior’s fantastic world. The colours of the site push you through with an harmonious light game.

BRANDS: Dior Karenina, Dior Jazzclub, Dior Gaucho, Lady Dior, Christal Watch.

WEBSITE FEATURES: It is possible to pick up items per collection, category, catalogues or top 10 section. The site is simple to use. Once you picked up a category you are shown the assortment. Categories or sub categories are shown on your left hand side. Description of items is clear. Deliveries are carried out Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and public holidays. You can chose between ordinary and express delivery. Delivery charges may change according to your order. Orders can be shipped in mainland UK and Ireland.

STOCK: handbags, shoes, small leather goods, jewellery, perfumes and more.

RELIABILITY: Dior’ s store online guarantees your personal details are protected to the highest standards. Items are in perfect state.

STRENGHT: Well….it’s the official Dior shop online.

WEAKNESS: Items are not always available.

  1. I would like to enquire for a wrist bwatch

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