Tods and “Goddess Fashion”.

In Tod's on July 23, 2008 at 3:38 pm

How many times did your feet beg you not to wear heels, and, in fact, they dreamt of comfortable and soft shoes where they can happily lay in horizontal?… But, no…, you forced them into high heels, for a hole day sometimes, all devoted to “Goddess Fashion”.

Guess what now…? Our lady “Goddess Fashion” listened to your humble prayers and together with ingenious Tods found a comfortable solution for you and your tired feet.

Tods gift for you is right in front of your eyes, a mix of elegance and style (Goddess Fashion agrees…) in red, the most passionate colour for a touch of colour on your blue days at work (!).
Tods casual style shoes, as a matter of fact, can be ideal on more than one occasion. Have you seen these nice white and red leather and patent leather shoes? Ideal at work and for a nice tea with your friends after work…whereas the other red patent shoes, with their sober and classic style, suggest different arrangements, all up to you girls…

Tods attention explores the most glam accessory ever: bags.
Tods pashmy red nylon bags nicely complete today’s choice for an accurate style. Tods proposes three different sizes of bags, to satisfy either who prefers a small, handy bag, or women who go for bigger bags for their long days out, and women who chose to stay in between…
Either way, Tods have plenty solutions waiting for your approval !!!


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