Online Store: Hermès

In Fashion Online, Shopping Online, strores online on May 19, 2008 at 9:55 am


The well-known French mark, Hermès, has created a site with an online boutique where it is possible to purchase some products, among which small accessories, watches, jewellery and perfume from the exclusive foulard of the maison, online.

Stock:  The availability of the accessories and products purchable on this site is considerably ample.  Unfortunatly not all of the products signed by Hermès are available on the online store ( for example bags, except for some models).

Reliability:  The online boutique is of a prestigious fashion house and is world-famous, they have maximum security on purchasing, payment transactions and shipment.  The products are clearly of top quality.

Website Features:  The site is devided into two sections.  The first section is for those who want to look into the world of Hermès, it is rich with fascinating images and interesting video’s that can be enlarged and looked at one by one.  Then there is the online boutique section that is also really pleasant, with all of the products displayed like elements of design and with each product is created a different scene and composition.

Strengths:  It is the official site of the known mark Hermès.

Weaknesses:  The online boutique does not contain all of the accessories by Hermès and futhermore the shipping is not viable compared to that of Italy.


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