Shoes of the week!

In Alberta Ferretti, designers and labels on May 16, 2008 at 2:03 pm

The Wedge-heeled shoes are high in fashion for the summer of 2008.  Not only do they give you a bit of extra hight but they are also unbelievably comfortable.  This week we have chosen the shoes by Alberta Ferretti to take firts place. 

These shoes have high wooden wedges with a bit of a ‘kink’ like they are in the shape of a 2, it is this curve in the heel that sets it apart from the others.  The leather ankle-strap follows through to form the detail on the foot, also available in other colours,  which is then attached to the sole of the shoe with little golden straps. They keep with theme of the rest of the collection making you feel like a goddess in the time of ancient Greece. These are great for the summer as most of the foot is exposed so your feet can feel free. 

The footwear collection by Alberta Ferretti for the summer is light and are shoes that can be worn to every occasion.


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