Designers use yellow to brighten up our Summer for 2008

In designers and labels, Gianni Versace, Gucci, Valentino on April 18, 2008 at 2:33 pm

Prepare to be sun-kissed this summer as the top designers of our time used yellow to its limits. This vibrant colour was the highlight of all the most important collections this spring, like we could see on every runway, used in all its different shades: bright and baby yellow,shimmering yellow, citrus tones and also those with a shade of mustard.

Looking at some of most beautiful dresses in yellow for this season by designers like Gianni Versace : this magical Grecian gown, demonsrated by the beautiful Carmen Kass, in glowing golden-yellow has a fabulous open back feature for those really hot summer nights.


Then there are also the tranquil dresses by Gucci,: most of the dresses in the collection are of big yellow or pink floral and graphical prints againt a white or black material, but this dress, as shown underneath, really caught our attention, it is the chic sunflower yellow dress.


Last but not least the dresses by Valentino in soft candy-like tones of yellow.  This srapless gleaming yellow dress really shows the beauty and elegance like that of all Valentino‘s collections, with a rosettes rippled bottom to finish off this masterpiece.


In which ever way you like it, in all its different shades, make sure that for the summer of 2008 you shine like the sun.


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